Mold & Air Testing in Maine + New Hampshire
Mold & Air Testing in Maine + New Hampshire
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    Mold Testing Maine
    Best Maine Air Quality Testing Company

    Air Quality Management Services, Inc. (AQM) is the premier indoor air testing company in Maine for indoor air tests for a home or a business. We provide comprehensive consulting services including air quality testing, asbestos testing, mold testing, and more in Maine and New Hampshire

    Randy Geoffroy
    Owner AQM Services
    What We Offer
    mold testing maine

    Particulates, Gases, Fumes, Mists, Aeroallergens, Carbon Dioxide Carbon Monoxide, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Dust Mites, Pet Allergens, Soots, VOC’s, and More.

    Employee Exposure Monitoring for OSHA Compliance Workers Compensation – Exposure Assessments

    Roof Leaks, Broken Pipes, Flooded Basements, Humidity, Sewage Backups Building Envelop Failure, Odors, Allergic Reactions.

    Cause & Origin Assessments,
    Water / Mold Loss Characterizations, Infrared Services, Bio-Remedial Plans, Pre & Post Remedial Testing, Project Documentation of Pre-Existing Conditions, Cause of Loss Documentation, & More.

    Hidden Moisture, Water Loss Characterization / Moisture Mapping, Roof Leaks, Building Envelop Leaks, and Leak Tracing.

    Asbestos, Lead (Testing, Design, Monitoring, Project Management), and Polychlorinated Biphenyls -PCB ( Testing, Design, Monitoring.

    Air Quality Testing for Businesses - mold testing Maine, asbestos testing, lead paint testing, radon testing, and IAQ testing (carbon monoxide / carbon dioxide temperature relative humidity) in Maine and New Hampshire.
    Air Quality Testing for Industrial and Construction Sites - mold testing, asbestos testing, lead paint testing, and chemical gas testing in Maine and New Hampshire.
    Air Quality Testing for Residential Homes - mold testing, asbestos testing, lead paint testing, and blower door / infrared assessments in Maine and New Hampshire.

    Air Quality Testing Services Maine

    Air Quality Management Services, Inc. (AQM) is dedicated to providing comprehensive air quality testing services in Maine to ensure a safe, healthy, and productive environment. Whether it's our mold testing Maine or other services, AQM acts in a professional manner at all times for employers and clients as a faithful agent or trustee.

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    What Our Clients Say
    Reliable & True Experts
    We had testing done by another company and was told we had no mold problem whatsoever, but continued to become more sick. Nick from Air Quality Management Services provided a thorough report showing we did indeed have a mold problem and detailing steps to remedy it. Wish we had started here! - Moriah Chastney
    What Our Clients Say
    Informative & Extremely Professional
    Randy was informative, polite, and extremely professional. I highly recommend his company / services to anyone concerned about the air quality in their home or business. - Patricia Fournier
    What Our Clients Say
    Highly Recommended Experts
    Randy, President of Air Quality Management Services came highly recommended to us, and recently performed air quality tests at our home. He provided expert guidance with respect to next steps, and his professionalism, expertise, and direction have proven to be invaluable to us. We recommend Randy at AQMS with complete confidence to anyone in need of this type of testing and service. - Kate Saunders
    What Our Clients Say
    The Best of the Best
    Air Quality Management Services is truly the best air quality testing company in Maine because of their expertise, professionalism, and honest guidance on how to keep our business safe from mold and other toxins. We trust only AQM to handle all our environmental and indoor air testing. - Rob
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    Mold and Air Testing Services
    Maine & New Hampshire Best Air Quality Testing Services

    Our headquarters is in Lewiston, Maine. We offer air quality testing services, mold testing, and more to all of Maine including Southern and Central Maine (York County, Cumberland County, Androscoggin County, Oxford County), Aroostook, Franklin, Hancock, Kennebec, Knox, Lincoln, Penobscot, Piscataquis, Sagadahoc, Somerset, Waldo, and Washington Maine Counties as well as most of New Hampshire.

    Maine's Best Mold Testing + Air Quality Testing

    AQM's staff members are Microbiologists and Professional Industrial Hygienists who have worked for some of the Leading Environmental Consulting Firms, Environmental Laboratories, Environmental Remediation Companies, and Contracting Companies

    Our varied backgrounds afford a wide range of air quality and environmental testing expertise, meeting our clients needs for air quality testing in Maine and New Hampshire.

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